Offering Intelligent Efficiency and the end of ragging


Welcome to Clearwater Controls

Deragger II product image

Our intelligent pump-monitoring and anti-ragging solutions can:

End your pump ragging

Increase pumping efficiency

Reduce operational costs

Improve environmental impact and carbon footprint

Extend pump life

Our Products

Our signature product is the DERAGGER+ (previously called the DERAGGER II), a multi-award-winning compact retro-fit anti-ragging device that eliminates wastewater pump blockages in real time. On this website you can view videos and case studies, or read commonly asked questions in the DERAGGER FAQ section. Or you can read Case Studies about how current customers have saved money, and Contact Us to arrange a meeting or telephone call.

The DERAGGER PRO is a complete station controller designed for uninterrupted operation of pumping stations and which provides comprehensive fault-finding diagnostics.


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