Welcome to Clearwater Controls

Deragger II product image

Our intelligent pump-monitoring and anti-ragging solutions can deliver measurable improvements to your operations:

Increased pumping efficiency

Reduced operational and energy costs

Improved environmental impact and carbon footprint

Take a look at our product pages for information, videos and case studies, or view commonly asked questions in the Deragger FAQ section.

For more information about our operations in the USA, please see www.deragger.com.

Our Products

Our signature product is the Deragger II, a multi-award-winning compact retro-fit device that eliminates wastewater pump blockages in real time.

The Deragger Pro is a complete pump station controller designed for uninterrupted operation of pumping stations and which provides comprehensive fault-finding diagnostics.

Clearwater Controls launched in 2011 as the research and development division of ID Systems (UK). We are based in Grangemouth, Scotland, and our clients range across the UK, United States and Canada.


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