Are you and your company interested in becoming a distributor for Clearwater Controls Ltd? Please Download our Distributor Assessment questionnaire OR simply fill out the form below.

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This form allows Clearwater Controls Ltd a clear and precise understanding of your business and markets, so we can help and support you in the most suitable ways. We recognise that individual distributors require different things from us, and we aim to provide a tailored management approach to each distributor. We welcome your commitment to this process by filling out this form.

All information contained in this document will be treated as confidential and will be used by Clearwater Controls Ltd for the purpose of appointing a distributor.

Company name
Company address
Date established
Date of entry to market
Office locations (please include name & address)
Names and positions of Senior Management
How many people do you employ?
Number of Employees in Sales
Number of Employees in Administration
Number of Employees in Customer Service
How many Agents or Sub-dealers (if applicable) do you have?
Number of Employees in Marketing
In what regions are these based?
How many Sales Representatives would deal with the Deragger product range?
Turnover currency
Turnover revenue in 2011 (actual)
Turnover revenue 2012 (actual)
Turnover revenue 2013 (actual/forecast)
Preferred method of communication with us
What are the spoken and written English capabilites within your business?
What other products do you represent in the Water & Waste Water marketplace?
How long have you represented them?
What major products do you stock?
What other new products have you introduced into the Water Market that did not have a widely known brand name?
How did you establish the new brand and what sales did you achieve in years 1 & 2?
Who are your competitors?
What do they sell?
What are the end user pricing levels?
As well as the Water and Waste Water markets, which other markets do you serve?
Anticipated sales forecast for the Deragger in units for year 1
Anticipated sales forecast for the Deragger in units for year 2
Anticipated sales forecast for the Deragger in units for year 3
If you were a Clearwater Controls distributor, how would you develop the product sales in your market?
Do you translate literature into local languages?
What do you believe to be the unique selling points for your business in your market?
What Customer Care and Technical Support services do you provide to your customers?
What support would you require from Clearwater Controls?
What other requirements would you have of Clearwater Controls?
What promotional activities do you undertake and which do you find most successful? (e.g., inbound marketing, seminars, exhibitions, PR, direct mail, trade journals, catalogues, advertisiing)
Why are you interested in representing Clearwater Controls?
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