Unleash the full data logging and pump analysis potential of the Deragger II, with our latest innovation: the Keypad. Now you can retrieve enhanced data at the press of a button.

Key functions of the Keypad:

  • Logs 20 years of pump performance, such as energy, flows and run time
  • Analyses site specific factors (e.g., pump demand characteristics and sewer flow trends)
  • Estimates future energy usage and calculates energy savings, helping you plan budgets
  • Can predict failures before occurrence by analysing performance trends, allowing you to schedule maintenance with minimal disruption to operations
  • Facilitates troubleshooting in controls philosophy, mechanical and electrical setup, thanks to precise data (for example, flow, energy, runtime and pump duty data)

The Keypad  combines maximum functionality with ease of use. Operational information is instantly accessible on its built-in display, as well as full access to configuration and gathered data.

The software tool enables quick interpretation and analysis of data and permits flexible configuration of parameters related to Modbus communication, sampled data storage and sampling intervals.

Compact in size, the Keypad can be installed in the most space-constrained panels. It comes preconfigured for simple plug in and leave installation.

Memory card storage allows for easy transfer of data and high storage capacity.


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